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Food chart GFSF Free ( Food list for Bangladesh)

It is necessary to say autism doesn’t occur due to food habit. According to the statistics of science some proteins are not digested due to the lacking of the competency of immune system of human body who are affected by autism. Normally protein is turned into amino acid if it will be digested properly.

But it may be broken into peptide who are affected by autism, it can not go at the end of amino acid. Theses peptide create their behavioural problems, increase hyperactivity, forms destructive behavior, reduce sleeping etc. These created peptide are made in those food where the gluten and casine are included. Let's to know which are the food of gluten and casein. The food of atta & flour,burley,wheat, rai,milk and the food of milk,the food of cholesterol, testy salt etc.

So,ruti,porota,bread,cake,noodles, chanachur,biscuits, chips,butter,curd or the food of milk should be avoided.. Here it is also necessary to know that the food included gluten & casine but also excessive sugar,preservative foof,testy salt,colouring food / substances are also cause of creating odd behavior. The parents or other members of the family may hope with heartily to reduce the hyperactivity of the child. But it will be futile, if the chart of the food will not change.

Many of the food may be restricted, So let's to know which will be benefited. Wheat, burley,rai,yeasts, the ruti of wheat,bread,cake,biscuits, chips,noodles etc, instead of these it will be given rice,the ruti of rice,chira,muri,corn,the others food of rice and corn,potato, nut,popcorn instead of chips,rice noodles instead of noodles. Instead of the food of milk, the milk of rice and coconut, the milk of almonds, egg will be given. Instead of the excessive of carbohydrate, sugar included food, chocolates, cold drinks, the food of diabetes can be given.