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We are one of the recognized specialized school in Bangladesh for the special baby and children is there we have several Program and Services so that they can get specific learning and services. Our Program and Services are designed for several types of special and Autistic children. Our expertise teachers are concerns to designing program and services. We are doing assessment from admission process to every stages for school session.

Our Main goals to prepare the children for Regular/Normal School

Our School Courses

  • Community Services/Vocational Training/Workshop/Parents Training        
  • Pre-School
  • Therapy Center
  • Indoor/Outdoor Program
  • Games/Cultural Program


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Community Services/Vocational Training/Workshop/      Parents Training:

Parents Training & Workshop

  • Concept of Disability
  • Concept of different Teaching Method
  • Concept of Milestone
  • Concept of Therapy
  • Concept of Communication
  • Concept of Socialization
  • Behavior Management
  • Handling special child
  • How tocontrol emotion


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Community Service

  • Health Checkup
  • Counseling
  • Awareness Program